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Fort Fetterman H-Fort Fetterman O

  1. Fort Fetterman Headquarters Building Plans (2)
  2. Fort Fetterman Headquarters Building Plans, Xerox (1)
  3. Fort Fetterman Headquarters Building, Hospital Addition Plans (3)
  4. Fort Fetterman Historic Site Development Plan (1)
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  6. Fort Fetterman Hospital (Wyo.) (1)
  9. Fort Fetterman List of Buildings (1)
  10. Fort Fetterman Map (12)
  11. Fort Fetterman Map, 1867-1887 by LC Bishop & EB Shaffner, info re. Old buildings etc. by Charles Rice. Plat of post, includes building designations and names, road, parade ground, fence, water tank , North Platte River, 1 blueline & 1 reverse negative (1)
  12. Fort Fetterman Map, 1867-1887 by LC Bishop & EB Shaffner, info re. Old buildings etc. by Charles Rice. Plat of post, includes building designations and names, road, parade ground, fence, water tank , North Platte River, Vellum and paper copies (2)
  13. Fort Fetterman Map, 2 copies (2)
  14. Fort Fetterman Map, 3 copies (3)
  15. Fort Fetterman Map, 3 copies, 1 mounted Photostat (3)
  16. Fort Fetterman Military Reserve Plat (T 32, R 73) by US Surveyor General, Edward C. Davis, Downey & Grant, MN Grant, DW Fleet, William Yerby, includes township, range, rivers, creeks, mountains, natural bridge, G. Powell's ranch, Smith's ranch 1 sheet (2)
  17. Fort Fetterman Military Reserve plat (Township 32, Range 71) (4)
  18. Fort Fetterman Military Reserve Plat (Township 32, Range 73) (2)
  19. Fort Fetterman Officers Quarters Approval (1)
  20. Fort Fetterman Officers Quarters, Ordinance Stockade & Magazine, Barracks plan (3)