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F -F. F.-F.E F.E-FA Fa-FA FA-Fa Fa-FA Fa-Falx Falx-FA FA-FAMILY S FAMILY S-FAO FAO-FAR FAR-FARM S FARM S-FARMI FARMI-Fa Fa-FA Fa-Fau Fau-FD FD-FE FE-Fe Fe-FE Fe-FE FE-FEL Fel-Fen FEN-Fe Fe-Ferr Ferr-Ferri Ferri-Fet Fet-FI Fi-Field, Field,-Fil Fil-Fin Fin-Fir Fir-FI FI-FIREM FIREM-Fi Fi-FI FI-FIRST C FIRST C-FIRST H FIRST H-Fi Fi-FI FI-FIRST NATIONAL BANK, FIRST NATIONAL BANK,-FIRST P FIRST P-FIRST S FIRST S-Fi FI-Fi FI-FISHI FISHI-Fi Fi-FI FI-FIVE P FIVE P-FL FL-FLAV Flav-FL FL-FLOO FLOO-Fl Fl-Florm Florr-FL FL-FLU Flu-Fo Fo-FO FO-FOO FOO-Fo Fo-FO FO-FOR 4 FOR 4-FOR 7 FOR 7-FOR C For S-Ford FORD-FORE Fore-FO FO-FORM Forn-Forr FORR-Fo Fo-Fort Bridger A FORT BRIDGER A-Fo Fo-Fort Bridger P Fort Bridger P-Fort Bridger, Fort Bridger,-Fort Bridger, Building Plans V Fort Bridger, Building Plans V-FO FO-FORT BRIDGER, WY ( S FORT BRIDGER, WY ( S-FORT BRIDGER, WY( FORT BRIDGER, WY(-FORT BRIDGER,W FORT BRIDGER,W-Fo FO-Fo FO-Fo Fo-FO FO-FORT DA Fort DA-Fort DA Russell, Fort DA Russell/-Fort F Fort F-Fort Fetterman B Fort Fetterman B-FO Fo-Fort Fetterman R Fort Fetterman R-Fort Fetterman, Fort Fetterman,-Fort H Fort H-Fort L Fort L-FO FO-FORT LARAMIE B Fort Laramie B-Fort Laramie D Fort Laramie D-FO Fo-Fort Laramie P Fort Laramie Q-Fort Laramie t Fort Laramie t-Fort Laramie, FORT LARAMIE--Fo Fo-Fort Mackenzie s Fort Mackenzie s-Fort Mc Fort Mc-Fort McKinney p Fort McKinney R-Fort P Fort P-Fort Phil Kearny Fort Phil Kearny-Fort Phil Kearny S Fort Phil Kearny U-Fort R Fort R-Fort Ro Fort RO-FO FO-Fo Fo-Fort St Fort St-Fort Steele R Fort Steele S-Fort U Fort U-FO Fo-FO Fo-Fort Washakie G FORT WASHAKIE H-Fo Fo-FO Fo-Forts Forts-Forts & Camps - F Forts & Camps - F-Forts & Camps - Fort F Forts & Camps - Fort F-Forts & Camps - Fort S Forts & Camps - Fort S-FO FO-Fo Fo-FO FO-Fo Fo-FO Fo-FO FO-FOUR O Four p-FO FO-FOUR T Four u-FO FO-Fo FO-Fo Fo-FO FO-Fo Fo-Fr Fr-Fran Fran-FR FR-Fr Fr-FR FR-FRANK C FRANK C-FRANK F FRANK G-FRANK J FRANK J-Fr FR-Fr FR-FRANK V FRANK W-Fr Fr-FR FR-FRE FRE-Fr FR-FRED W FRED W-Fr Fr-FR FR-Fr Fr-Fremont Cou Fremont Cou-Fremont County C Fremont County C-Fremont County D Fremont County D-Fremont County District Court CR 2 Fremont County District Court CR A-Fremont County f Fremont County g-Fremont County h Fremont County h-Fremont County I Fremont County I-Fremont County Indians Fremont County Indians-Fremont County m Fremont County m-Fremont County n Fremont County n-Fremont County p Fremont County p-Fremont County r Fremont County r-Fremont County S Fremont County S-Fremont County t Fremont County t-Fremont County, FREMONT COUNTY,-FREMONT L Fremont L-Fren Fren-Frenchi Frenchm-Fri Fri-Fris Frit-FR FR-Fr Fr-FR FR-FROM W Frombe-FR FR-FRONT C FRONT C-FRONT E FRONT E-FRONT EXTERIOR OF AN FRONT EXTERIOR OF AN-FRONT EXTERIOR OF F FRONT EXTERIOR OF F-FRONT EXTERIOR OF O FRONT EXTERIOR OF O-FRONT EXTERIOR OF T FRONT EXTERIOR OF T-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE B FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE B-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE D FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE D-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE E FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE E-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE F FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE F-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE H FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE H-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE I FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE I-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE L FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE L-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE M FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE M-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE N FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE N-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE O FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE O-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE P FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE P-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE S FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE S-FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE U FRONT EXTERIOR OF THE V-FRONT EXTERIOR, FRONT EXTERIOR,-FRONT O FRONT O-FRONT V FRONT V-FRONTI FRONTI-FRONTIER AIRL FRONTIER CAFE-FRONTIER D FRONTIER D-FRONTIER DAYS - I FRONTIER DAYS - I-FRONTIER DAYS - R FRONTIER DAYS - R-FRONTIER DAYS P Frontier Days p-FR FR-FRONTIER DAYS: FRONTIER DAYS:-FRONTIER P Frontier P-FR Fr-Fros Fros-FS FS-FT FT-FTB FTB-FTL FTW-FU Fu-FU FU-FW


  1. Fractional Survey Map by Alpheus P. Hanson, US Surveyor General, US Department of Interior, surveyed by Warner & Fink, Carpenter & Warner, includes Township 44, Range 109, Sections 1 - 36, tracts, topo info, creeks, lakes, Impassable notation, Sectional Correction Line, contract dates, amount of surveys, group no.survey dates, No. 4708, 1 set with 1 sheet negative paper (1)
  2. Fractional Survey Map by WA Richards, surveyed by John E. Shannon, US Surveyor General's Office,Township 39, Range 92, Sections 1 - 36, includes topo info, roads, creeks, total number of acres, date of contracts, amount of surveys, 1 set with 1 sheet paper (1)
  3. Fractional Survey Map Township 37, Range 90, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  4. Fractional Survey Map Township 38, Range 90, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  5. Fractional Survey Map Township 38, Range 91, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  6. Fractional Survey Map Township 38, Range 92, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  7. Fractional Survey Map Township 39, Range 92, Sections 1 - 36 (2)
  8. Fractional Survey Map Township 39, Range 93, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  9. Fractional Survey Map Township 40, Range 91, Sections 1 - 2, 11 - 12, 19 - 22, 26 - 35 (1)
  10. Fractional Survey Map Township 42, Range 95, Section 1 - 30 (1)
  11. Fractional Survey Map Township 43, Range 95, Section 1 - 30 (1)
  12. Fractional Survey Map Township 44, Range 108, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  13. Fractional Survey Map Township 44, Range 109, Sections 1 - 36 (1)
  14. Fractures (Bones) (1)
  18. Framed portrait leaning against ornate wainscotting below numbered hooks on wall (3)
  19. Franc, Otto (2)
  20. France (2)