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Harris-Harris, V

  1. Harris, George (1)
  2. Harris, George - Biographical information for George "Uncle George" Harris, Sr. (1)
  3. Harris, George - Biographical information for George W. Harris; George Harris, Jr.; Charles Harris; Earl Harris (1)
  4. Harris, George L. - Biographical information for George Leo Harris (1)
  5. Harris, Henry - Biographical information for Henry "Harry" Harris; "Henry Harris", by Ichabod S. Bartlett from “History of Wyoming”, Vol. II, pp. 471-472 (1)
  6. Harris, Jim (1)
  7. Harris, John W. (2d husband) (1)
  8. Harris, John Wesley (2nd husband, born: Jun. 17, 1840 - married: May 3, 1864 - died: Apr. 20 [or 28], 1897 - buried: Greenhill Cemetery at Laramie, Wyo.) (1)
  9. Harris, Lake (1)
  10. Harris, Lenore "Babe" O'Neal Cosgrove (wife, born: Oct. 15, 1887, at Fort Bridger (Uinta Co., Wyo. - married: 1889 - died: 1965? - buried: ?) (1)
  11. Harris, Lottie Vine (wife) (1)
  12. Harris, Ma (1)
  13. Harris, Mable Dixon (wife, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  14. Harris, Mable Pickering (wife, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  15. Harris, Mary (1)
  16. Harris, McKelva - Biographical information for Mrs. McKelvia Jane K. [or J.] McCuly Norris, Harris (aka "Ma Harris"); Charles Harris (son); "'Ma' Harris, Pioneer", interviewed by Mrs. Mayme L. Gantz for Stories of Pioneer Life; George M. Harris (son); "'Ma' Harris Is No More", Laramie Republican Boomerang, Feb. 16, 1914 (1)
  17. Harris, Mrs. Carrie Fowkes (1st wife, born: Sep. 27, 1871 - married: Oct. 14, 1891 - died: Dec. 27, 1941 (age: 70) - buried: Evanston City Cemetery at Evanston, Wyo.) (1)
  18. Harris, Mrs. Mary Lenorah Fowkes (2nd wife, born: Jun. 6, 1873, at Almy, Wyo. - married: 1942 - died: Oct. 7, 1953 (age: 80) - buried: Pleasant Green Cemetery at Magna, Utah) (1)
  19. Harris, Phil (associate) (1)
  20. Harris, Violetta "Birdie" Cleveland O'Neil (wife, born: Feb. 22, 1869, Chicago, Ill. - married: Oct. 28, 1886 - died: Dec. 19, 1928 - buried: Rawlins Cemetery at Rawlins, Wyo.) (1)