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  2. Hart, Ulysses - Biographical information for Ulyssus [or Ulysses] G. Hart; "Early Residents of Chugwater Flats - Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses G. Hart", no published source, n.d. (1)
  3. HART-14 (1)
  4. HART-4 (1)
  5. Harter, Bessie Ray (2nd wife) (1)
  6. Harter, George (1st husband, born: ? - married: ? in Nebraska - died: o/a 1937 - buried: ?) (1)
  7. Harter, Grace? [F. S.] - Biographical information about Franz Sigel "Frank" Harter; "F. S. Harter, Platte County Bee King", interviewed by Ms. Minnie A. Rietz, Wheatland, Wyo., Feb. 13, 1939 (1)
  8. Harter, Ida Davis (wife, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  9. Harter, Ida Davis Harter (1st wife) (1)
  11. Hartley, Ron (5)
  12. Hartman, Tara (1)
  13. Hartman, Tara Elizabeth (1)
  14. Hartville Plat (6)
  15. Hartville Plat by AD Gambill, Mark Martin, includes lots & blocks, streets, railroad, county roads, mill site, gardens, 1 set with 1 sheet vellum, discolored, taped, pieces missing (transcript of plat, 8 sheets paper, filed with plat) (1)
  16. Hartville Plat includes lots, blocks, streets, city reserve (1 vellum copy) (1)
  17. Hartville Plat includes lots, blocks, streets, city reserve, Blueline (1)
  18. Hartville Plat of amended survey of platted portion, Bartlett Addition, patented mining claims by Bartlett Brothers includes lots, blocks, streets, railroads, city reserve, river, hand drawn survey on back, copy in Laramie County Clerk plat microfilm (1)
  19. Hartville Plat showing amended survey of platted portion of Bartlett Addition, patented mining claims includes lots, blocks, streets, river, railroad, Blueline (1)
  20. Hartville Plat, includes streets, mine locations & ownership, 1 set with 1 sheet blueprint (1)