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  1. Harvey, Jennie (14)
  2. Harvey, Mrs. Eunice Congdon (wife, born: unknown - married: o/a 1934 - diedied: Dec. 8, o/a 1933 - buried: Greenhilll Cemetery at Laramie (Albany Co., Wyo.) (1)
  3. Harvey, Robert - Biographical information for Robert Harvey; "Frozen to Death", Bridger Valley Enterprise, Jan. 21, 1913 (1)
  4. Harvey, Rose - Biographical information for Rose L. Mass Harvey (1)
  5. Harvey, Samuel H. (husband, born: 1860 - married: ? - died: 1930 - buried: Riverview Cemetery at Green River, Wyo.) (1)
  6. Harvey, Sr., Robert Wesley "Bertie" (husband, born: Nov. 18, 1884, at Mountain View, Wyo. - married: ? - died: Oct. 28, 1941, at Evanston, Wyo. - buried: Fort Bridger Cemetery at Fort Bridger, Wyo.) (1)
  7. Harvey, T. E. - attorney (1)
  8. Harvey, Weston S. (1st husband, born: 1882 - married: ? - died: 1918 - buried: Mount Pisgah Cemetery at Gillette, Wyo.) (1)
  9. Harwood, William T. & Harwood, Ethelmae (1)
  11. Hasbrouck, Fern A. (1)
  12. Haserodt, Capt. (1)
  13. Hash Knife Ranch (2)
  14. Hashberger (2)
  15. Hashner Collection (P2005-15) (23)
  16. Haskell Institute, graduate (Haskell, Okla.) - interpreteur of Arapahoe and English languages (1)
  17. Haskell, Rich (2)
  18. Hassed, Will (1)
  19. Hasson, Grace - Biographical information for Mrs. Grace Hope French Hasson; "Mrs. Grace Hope French Hasson Pioneer, To Be 90 Years Old Monday", Rock Springs Miner, Apr. 26, 1935; (1)
  20. Hasson, John (husband, born: 1847 - married: Dec. 30, 1871 - died: 1900 - buried: Rock Springs Cemetery at Rock Springs, Wyo.) (1)