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  1. Holben, Mrs. Rena E. Nowrie (wife, born: Nov. 27, 1887 - married: ? - died: Nov. 27, 1978,, in Natrona Co., Wyo. - buried: Natrona Memorial Gardes at Casper, Wyo.) (1)
  2. Holben, Rena (wife) (1)
  3. Holberg, Ernest Paul (husband, born: in Sweden - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  4. HOLBORN (1)
  5. Holbroo, Mrs. Sallie [or Sally] L. Hensel (wife, born: Apr. 4, 1863, at Lancaster, Pa. - married: Apr. 6, 1904 - died: 1934 (age: 70-71) - buried: Mount Moriah Cemetery at Sundance, Wyo.) (1)
  6. Holbrook, DDS, Robert E. (husband, born: May 1858, at Coldwater, Mich. - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  7. Holbrook, E. M. (Monarch, Wyo.) and Field, Henry (Chicago, Ill.), rail line construction project partners (1)
  8. Holbrook, Joseph - Biographical information for "Joseph Hyrum Holbrook", News-Register, May 8, 1897 (1)
  9. Holbrook, Marcus - Biographical information for Marcus D. Holbrook; "Marcus D. Holbrook" by Ichabod S. Bartlett from “History of Wyoming”, Vol. III, pp. 409-410; "Mrs. Marcus D. Holbrook" from “Women of Wyoming” by Cora M. Beach, Vol. II, pp. 412-414 (1)
  10. Holbrook, Mrs. Catharine Cooper (wife, born: Jan. 6, 1859, at Eastwood, Broxtowe Borough, Nottinghamshire, England - married: ? - died: May 13, 1922, at Bountiful, Utah - buried: Bountiful Memorial Park at Bountiful, Utah) (1)
  11. Holbrook, Robert (1)
  12. Holbrook, Susan - Biographical information for Mrs. Susan Weaver Baird Holbrook (1)
  13. Holcomb, DC (1)
  14. Holcombe, A.A. (2)
  15. Hold, Arthur and E.B. (1)
  16. Holden, Charles - Biographical information for Charles B. "Charley" Holden; Charles W. Holden; "C. B. Holden Murdered", Wyoming Press, 1901 (1)
  17. Holden, Ella (school friend) (1)
  18. Holden, Judge C. W. (1)
  19. Holden, Nettie Alfred (m: 1891) (1)
  20. Holden, Nettie Alfred [or S. J.] (wife, born: ? - married: Mar. 9, 1857 [or 1891], at Clinton, Iowa - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)