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  1. Holmberg, Mrs. (wife, born: ? - married: 1893 in Sweden - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  2. Holmberg, Nels - Nels Holmberg; "Nels Holmberg" interviewed by Ida McPherren, Sheridan, Wyo., May 1938 (1)
  3. Holmbert, Lottie and Culbertson, Ruth (1)
  4. Holmes (1)
  5. Holmes (1)
  6. Holmes standing beside her horse wearing two-colored buckskin vest and skirt, striped tie, sash, and white cowboy hat. Bucking horse on the sleeve of silk shirt (1)
  7. Holmes, C.B. - Biographical information for C. B. Holmes; "Former Sheridanite Returns to Home Built 30 Years Ago", Sheridan Post, Aug. 16, 1923 (1)
  8. Holmes, Elmira "Myra" Vetter (wife, born: Mar. 3, 1916, at Crete, Neb. - married: Nov. 24, 1937, at Cheyenne, Wyo. - died: Nov. 20, 1999 - buried: Lakeview Cemetery at Cheyenne, Wyo.) (1)
  9. Holmes, Keith - Biographical information for Keith Bevan Holms, interviewed by Roy Bevan (1)
  10. Holmes, M. and Snyder, Mrs. (1)
  11. Holmes, Marie (1)
  12. Holmes, Mrs. (wife, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  13. Holmes, Mrs.. Madge K. Jennewein (wife, born: Jun. 3, 1898 - married: ? - died: Jul. 24, 1975 (age: 77) - buried: Valley View Cemetery at Torrington, Wyo.) (1)
  14. Holmes, Oliver - Biographical information for Oliver Wendell Holmes; no title, no published source, n.d. (1)
  15. Holmes, William - Biographical information for William Holmes; "Springs Survivor of Indian Battle Killed in Crash", Denver Post, May 25, 1941 (1)
  18. Holt (3)
  19. Holt, Jim (1)
  20. Holt, Mrs. Mary A. Lannen (wife, born: Aug. 15, 1860, in Kansas- married: 1882 - Jun. 26, 1947 - died: Jun. 26, 1947 - buried: Pinedale Cemetery at Pinedale, Wyo.) (1)