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  1. Holmes standing beside her horse wearing two-colored buckskin vest and skirt, striped tie, sash, and white cowboy hat. Bucking horse on the sleeve of silk shirt (1)
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  3. Holmes, Elmira "Myra" Vetter (wife, born: Mar. 3, 1916, at Crete, Neb. - married: Nov. 24, 1937, at Cheyenne, Wyo. - died: Nov. 20, 1999 - buried: Lakeview Cemetery at Cheyenne, Wyo.) (1)
  4. Holmes, Keith - Biographical information for Keith Bevan Holms, interviewed by Roy Bevan (1)
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  6. Holmes, Marie (1)
  7. Holmes, Mrs. (wife, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  8. Holmes, Mrs.. Madge K. Jennewein (wife, born: Jun. 3, 1898 - married: ? - died: Jul. 24, 1975 (age: 77) - buried: Valley View Cemetery at Torrington, Wyo.) (1)
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  13. Holt (3)
  14. Holt, Jim (1)
  15. Holt, Mrs. Mary A. Lannen (wife, born: Aug. 15, 1860, in Kansas- married: 1882 - Jun. 26, 1947 - died: Jun. 26, 1947 - buried: Pinedale Cemetery at Pinedale, Wyo.) (1)
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  18. Holt, Wilbur (4)
  19. Holton & Malone - cement deposit on Whitewood (1)
  20. Holts New Map of WY (mislabeled 1883) includes cities, towns, rivers, creeks, mountains, railroads, roads, forts, mining districts, 20 mile limit (cannot copy) (2)