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  2. Howard, Charles (1)
  3. Howard, Elmer J.(1st husband, born: 1886 in Converse Co., Wyo. - married: ? - died: Oct. 14, 1910, at Douglas, Wyo. - buried: Douglas Park Cemetery at Douglas, Wyo.) (1)
  4. Howard, Irma (1)
  5. Howard, Mrs. Harriet Emily Ingram (1st wife, born: Apr. 20, 1885, at Nephi, Utah - married: 1912 - died: Nov. 22, 1952 (age: 67) - buried: Nephi City Cemetery at Nephi, Utah) (1)
  6. Howard, Mrs. Kate Ingram Wolf [or May Pratt] (2nd wife, born: May 10, 1890, at Nephi, Utah - married: ? - died: Aug. 11, 1962 (age: 72) at Nephi, Utah - buried: Nephi City Cemetery at Nephi, Utah) (1)
  7. Howard, Mrs. Susan "Susie" Thomas (wife, born: 1882 - married: Oct. 26, 1910 - died: 1974 (age: 91-92) - buried: Evanston City Cemetery at Evanston, Wyo.) (1)
  8. Howe, Barker - saw outcropping of bones near ranch corral at base of Keyhole Canyon, vicinity of Greybull (Big Horn Co.) (1)
  9. Howe, Carolie (1)
  10. Howe, Gary (1)
  11. Howe, Maurice "Ogden Standard Examiner" (1)
  12. Howell, Ashby (Representative) (1)
  13. Howell, Bob (1)
  14. Howell, Charles - Biographical information for Charles A. Howell; "A Popular Sheriff - Charles A. Howell, Pioneer" by Susie Mills Walker (1)
  15. Howell, Helen - Biographical information for Helen Coburn Howell; "Mrs. Ashby Howell, Pioneer Worland Woman. Humerous Storiews of Her First Years as School Teacher and Lady Homesteader" interviewed for Stories of Pioneer Life (1)
  16. Howell, Jack (1)
  17. Howell, James - Biographical information for James F. "Jim" Howell; "James F. Howell?, Early Settler of Shoshone Valley, Called by Death", Powell Tribune, Jun. 6, 1940 (1)
  18. Howell, John Ashby (husband - m: 1908 at Carroll, Iowa) (1)
  19. Howell, John Ashby (husband, born: Nov. 21, 1880, at Independent Hill, Va. - married: 1908 - died: Nov. 9, 1940, at Worland, Wyo. - buried: Riverview Memorial Gardens at Worland, Wyo.) (1)
  20. Howell, Mrs. Mary Lampman (1st wife, born: ? - married: 1885 - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)