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  1. HUD-9 (1)
  2. HUDSON & WALL (1)
  3. Hudson (Wyo. - Mr. Meeks, d: 1915) (1)
  4. Hudson (Wyo.) (1)
  5. Hudson Bay associate of Kit Carson, Jim Bridger and Jack Robinson (60 yrs. prior to death) (1)
  6. Hudson Bay Co. (1)
  7. Hudson Lake (Ind. - b: Mar. 14, 1867) (1)
  9. Hudson, A.V. (1)
  10. Hudson, Frances Dudek (wife, m: Jan. 22, 1882) (1)
  11. Hudson, Henry (1)
  12. Hudson, J.A.W. (4)
  13. Hudson, J.A.W. - J. [Joseph] A. W. Hudson; photo of Joseph A. W. Hudson on a horse and in his buckskin suit; "Sketch of My Life [J. A. S. [sic] Hudson]", interviewed by Mrs. Minnie A. Rietz for Stories of Pioneer Life; Letter from Maude Sholty, Dir., Statewide Historical Project, State Library , Cheyenne, Wyo., to J. A. W. Hudson Nov. 12, 1936; Noah Hudson [brother of J. A. W. Hudson]; "An Indian Adventure of 1875-6 by J. A. W. Hudson; "Joseph Hudson, Pioneer", interview by Olive G. Kafka, Garrett, Wyo., Dec. 1, 1941; "Sketches of Pioneer Life" for which J. A. W. Hudson was interviewed by Mrs. Minnie A. Rietz; "Over the Overland Trail in 1894", related by J. A. W. Hudson (1)
  14. Hudson, Joseph [A. W.] (1)
  15. Hudson, Joseph A. W. (husband, born: Aug. 15, 1857 - married: Jan. 22, 1882, at McCook, Neb. - died: Jun. 12, 1943 - buried: Wheatland Cemetery at Wheatland, Wyo.) (1)
  16. Hudson, Mrs. Frances Dudek (wife, born: Aug. 4, 1861 - married: ? - died: Aug. 18, 1936 - buried: Wheatland Cemetery at Wheatland, Wyo.) (1)
  17. Hudson, Mrs. Joseph - Biographical information for Mrs. Frances "Fannie" Dudek Hudson; "Obituary Mrs. Joseph Hudson", Platte Co. Record, Aug. 27, 1936 (1)
  18. Hudson, Noah (brother) (1)
  19. Hudson, Noah - brother bought & sold author's buffalo calves to city of Denver (Colo.) (1)
  20. Hudson, Walter and Fern (1)