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  1. Huntington, Ella (1st wife, born: Feb. 6, 1872 - married: 1894 - died: Feb. 7, 1901 - buried: Dayton, Wyoming) (1)
  2. Huntington, Evangeline "Eva" Calista Calkins (2nd wife, born: Dec. 23, 1875, at Blue Rapids, Kan. - married: Jun., 1909 - died: Jun. 9, 1959 (age: 92), in Los Angeles Co. (Calif.) (1)
  3. Huntington, Evangeline Eva Calking (1st wife - m: 1894) (1)
  4. Huntington, Harry M. (husband, born: ? - married: ? - died: ? - buried: ?) - Sheridan City Engineer and State Representative, 1908-1910 (1)
  5. Huntington, Jennie - Biographical information for Mrs. Jennie Dick Huntington; "Wife of Sheridan Engineer Is Dead", no source, n.d. (1)
  6. Huntington, Mrs. Ella Morely (1st wife, born: ? - married: 1894 - died: ? - buried: ?) (1)
  7. Huntington, Mrs. Evangeline "Eva" Calista Calkins (wife, born: Dec. 23, 1875, at Blue Rapids, Kan. - married: Jun., 1909 - died: Jul. 2, 1950 ( age: 74) - buried: Riverside Cemetery at Cody, Wyo.) (1)
  8. Huntley, Wyoming (1)
  9. Hunton, Blanche Taylor (2nd wife - Oct. 5, 1881) (1)
  10. Hunton, Jack (1)
  11. Hunton, Jean (1)
  12. Hunton, John (2)
  13. Hunton, John (2)
  14. Hunton, John "Midwest Review" (1)
  15. Hunton, John "Miscellaneous newspaper clippings" (1)
  16. Hunton, John (land commissioner) (1)
  17. Hunton, John - Biographical information for John Carpenter Hunton; "Incidents of Frontier Life and Recollections of Mr. John Hunton"; sketch of village by E. R. Schuler, Cheyenne, Wyo., June 1937; Blanche Taylor Hunton; "The Huntons in Virginia" interviewed by Minnie A. Rietz; "Memories of Visits with Mr. and Mrs. John Hunton and Some Historical Facts Regarding Old Fort Laramie", interviewed by Mrs. Cecile Stoll Taylor, Torrington, Wyo.; "Memorial to Jack Hunton to be Erected at Douglas by Pioneers", by Mrs. Selma L. Terry, Cheyenne, Wyo.; "Early Settlement of the Laramie River Valley" by John Hunton, Fort Laramie Scout, Aug. 18, 1927; "John Hunton, Musician"; "John Hunton", Kemmerer Gazette, Sep. 1, 1928, p. 7; "John Hunton", History of Wyoming, 1918, Vol. I, p. 142 (1)
  18. Hunton, John - of Torrington (Goshen Co.) (1)
  19. Hunton, Mora E. (wife, born: Apr. 6, 1861 - married: ? - died: Jan. 7, 1946 - buried: Wheatland Cemetery at Wheatland, Wyo.) (1)
  20. Hunton, Mrs. Blanche Taylor (wife, born: Feb. 12, 1859 - married: Oct. 5, 1881, in Madison Co., Va. - died: 1939 - buried: ?) (1)